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    Hello everyone, today I will introduce you the way to reuse copy to clipboard logic using ReactJS custom hooks.

    Firstly, we need a function to implement copy to clipboard in browser.

    Implement copyToClipboard function#

    export const copyToClipboard = (text) => {
      return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        if (navigator?.clipboard) {
          const cb = navigator.clipboard;
        } else {
          try {
            const body = document.querySelector('body');
            const textarea = document.createElement('textarea');
            textarea.value = text;
          } catch (e) {

    Ok, I will explain the idea of above code. I think it's pretty easy to understand when you have a basic knowledge of Javascript.

    The function copyToClipboard will receive a text need copying and return a Promise when done copying to browser clipboard.

    We checked if the browser support API copy to clipboard by checking navigator.clipboard is available. If this feature is supported, I call the function writeText().

    If browser does not support navigator.clipboard, I have to use behaviour of document to excute command copy of selected text. To do that, i create a textarea and set the text need to copying to element's value. After that I make selection to the text value and call body.execCommand('copy') function to copy.

    And finally I remove the textarea element from the DOM.

    useCopyToClipboard hook declararation.#

    import { useEffect, useRef, useState } from 'react';
    import { useToast } from '@chakra-ui/react';
    import { copyToClipboard } from 'somewhere/utils.js';
    const TIMEOUT_MILISECONDS = 2000;
    const useCopyToClipboard = () => {
      const [copied, setCopied] = useState(false);
      const toast = useToast();
      const ref = useRef();
      const copy = () => {
        if (copied || !ref?.current) return;
        toast({ description: 'Copied to clipboard!', status: 'success', position: 'top', duration: TIMEOUT_MILISECONDS });
      useEffect(() => {
        const timer = setTimeout(() => setCopied(false), TIMEOUT_MILISECONDS);
        return () => clearTimeout(timer);
      }, [copied]);
      return { copied, copy, ref };
    export default useCopyToClipboard;

    I declared a state copied with initial value is false.

    I used hook useToast of chakra-ui to show a notification toast when text copied successfullly.

    I declared a ref to make a reference to an element that contain a text content to copy.

    TIMEOUT_MILISECONDS is the time to transform state copied from true to false.

    The return value of hook are object contains state state, function copy to handle logic and a ref to refer to element.

    That's it for a custom hook.

    I will go to the next part is how i use my custom hook in component.

    Usage of useCopyToClipboard hook in component#

    const Pre = (props) => {
      const { children, ...rest } = props;
      const { copied, copy, ref } = useCopyToClipboard();
      return (
          {props.className?.indexOf('language-') > -1 ? (
            <Box as="div" position="relative" marginTop="-25px">
              <Tooltip label="Copy to clipboard" placement="top">
                  aria-label="Copy to clipboard"
                  icon={copied ? <CheckIcon /> : <CopyIcon />}
              <pre {...rest} ref={ref} style={{ borderTopLeftRadius: '0px', borderTopRightRadius: '0px' }}>
          ) : (
            <pre {...rest} >
    export default Pre;

    The component above is my component to build this blog, so you don't need to understand every lines of code. You just need to understand how to use hook useCopyToClipboard.

    The hook return 3 variables:

    • ref is a reference to an element you want to copy it's text content
    • copy is a function to handle logic of copying
    • copied is a state to check if the text content has been copied yet.

    Conclusion & self-promotion#

    As you can see, with some basic knowledges of Javascript, browser API and ReactJS combination, We can build an amazing hook that saves us few hours of coding. The main benefit of custom hook is to reuse logic between many components and make our components look readable and clean.

    Thanks for your reading.

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